General Description

           Engineers and scientists have invented a lot of modern and useful machines but Television (TV) is one of the wonderful and latest invention of science in this world. People have considered it as a gift from engineers and scientists. Television is a combination of two words i.e tele which means distance and vision means to see. Thus it means to see from a distance. TV becomes very popular after World War-II among the whole world. Moreover, TV is very popular and common in Western countries.

Structure of Television


             Television is a magic-box indeed. We can see people and their movements from a very long distance. Pictures and images flies across the screen and delight the viewers. Television has a number of advantages and disadvantages. It is an open source of information. It gives us news and views about current affairs in the world. TV informs us about all the happenings in the world. It brings people close to each other. It educates us in term of etiquette and social communication. TV is a revolution in the field of education. It sharpens our wit and updates our knowledge. It has great services in the field of education and research as well.

            TV is very useful for video oriented education. Now, a teacher can teach a number of students sitting in various class rooms which overcome the shortage of teaching staff in educational academies. TV also promotes our industrial and political affairs. We can advertise our family planning and health features. TV is the main source of communication between the government machinery and public. TV provides entertainment to the people. Its programmes in general and drama in particular have always fascinated us.

Advantages and Disadvantages

          TV has some disadvantages apart from its advantages. It has disturbed our outdoor activities as well as our family life. It makes the young generation lazy and careless. Most of the students neglects their studies due to extreme watch of television. Moreover, it cause eye and abdominal diseases. We all know that watching the television for long is harmful for eye-sight. Too much exposure to the flickering light damage the sight. Moreover, sitting before the set in awkward position also cause pain in limbs. Neck-bone and shoulders are also badly affected.

Hub of Information

            Television shows a number of informative programmes also. “The World of Nature” is one of the most favorite and full of adventure programme on television. Each programme on nature, animals and landscape gives us glimpse of the beautiful world. We feel like discovering the world in which we live. We know very little about the wonderful forms of the world. TV programme “The World of Wonders” gives us a lot of information and understanding to the wonders of the world. Creation of so many moving objects is one of the sure signs of Allah Almighty.  One of the divine names of Allah is ‘Al-Musawwir’. It means that He is the Creator of this wonderful and beauty world.


          We have concluded that television is a good medium of communication with each other. It has many good and bad aspects and effects in our daily life.

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