Book Titled Siasat Nama (Political Affairs) or Sair-Ul-Mulk by Nizam-ul-Mulk


Book titled Siasat Nama (Political Affairs) or Sair-ul-Mulk (Visit biography of Nizam ul Mulk) has been written by Nizam ul Mulk Tusi. Nizam ul Mulk was the head of the Ministers or senior minister in cabinet of Saljoqi King Sultan Malik Shah. He was a good administrator, who has countless successful stories of leadership. He has explained his political experience in this book for benefit of political leaders. The book comprises of complete tactics, strategies and successful policies of political affairs. Contents of the book is easy to understand and interesting. Everyone can read and understand it.

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Nizam ul Mulk

Brief Introduction of Nizam ul Mulk

          Nizam ul Mulk was born in 408 AH at village Tus, near RODGAN town. He took his basic education and higher from his native village Toos and Rodgan. Nizam ul Mulk was very intelligent from his childhood. After completion of his education, he took part in practical politics. He proved himself as responsible and active politician. Mulk achieved success in the field of politics and became senior minister in the cabinet. He remained senior minister for thirty years during SALJUQI era. The government of SALJUQI stayed prolong due to his ability, good management skills and political wisdom.

Nizam ul Mulk

          In this way, King Ismail became jealous with him and made the plan of his killing. We may say, the King Ismail was the master mind of this plan. King Ismail prepared a suicide bomber and send him for attack on Nizam ul Mulk. In 455 AH, the suicide bomber attacked on Nizam ul Mulk and killed him.   

Achievements in the field of Education of Nizam ul Mulk

          Nizam ul Mulk was one of the impressive and outstanding minister in Iran. He was intelligent person, who loved education. He worked day and night for the development of education in his country. Nizam ul Mulk was on the opinion that education is the only way towards the success. He was kind to scholars, judges and Mystics of his country. He also announced a lot of welfare schemes for scholars, judges and other religious personalities. The intelligent minister introduced a new education system in Iran. He made schools, colleges and other educational institutes in each and every city. His focus remained on education during his entire minister-ship. He also founded a renowned university and named it as “Nizamiyyah”.

Reason behind Title of the Book.   

          Nizam ul Mulk was the most experienced minister of Saljuqi era. Saljuqi King Sultan Malik Shah suggested him to share his political experience with followers. Nizam ul Mulk accepted his idea and wrote a book on the topic of political affairs. He explained his long outstanding experience of politics and tremendous ministerial skills in this book. Nizam ul Mulk also included the stories of his worldwide visits in this book. He gave twin titles to this book i.e “Siasat Nama” and “Sair ul Mulk“.  Siasat means politics and Nama means in the name of, thus, it mean political affairs. Similarly, Sair means visit, so the titles mean biography of Nizam ul Mulk’s visits. The book is decorated with his biographies in two fields i.e. political and tourism.

Nizam ul Mulk

Theme/ Main Points Discussed in the Book.

          The main theme of the book is politics and administration of political matters. However, religious and historical points have also been discussed in the book for guidance of good governance of a political state. This book is a role model for politicians. Moreover, judges, justice, courts and other office routine duties related to good governance of a country have also included in this book. Mulk has stressed on keeping of justice among the public in the book. Furthermore, etiquette/ customs of the royal court and meet of people with royals have also been narrated in this book.

Liked Peace and Justice.

          Peace and justice are the basic pillars for good governance. Nizam ul Mulk liked peace and justice and always preached for it. He declared peace and justice as a compulsory factor of executing good governance.

Nizam ul Mulk

Views of Mr. Brown about “Siasat Nama”.

          A renowned scholar Mr. Brown says that “Siasat Nama” reflects the great views of the great Asian minister. He further says, the book is a constitution for executing of good governance. The book contains brief history and stories of the Prophets of Allah and Truthful Rulers of the world. Religious stories have been narrated in a brief way, however, it is comprehensive and interesting for readers. Believers and non-believers can equally take benefits from this book. He responded to the observations/ questions of non-believers in the seven chapters of the book. Nizam ul Mulk has put a considerable criticism on ISMAILI faction/ sectarian people in this book and declared them as disastrous for Islam and human race.

Writing Style of “Siasat Nama”

          Nizam ul Mulk has written this book in a simple and fluent way which is remarkable. The language of the book is simple and comprehensive. The simplicity and flow of the book is still charming and attractive for readers. The phrases of the book are short but very clear and meaningful. The book is one of the favorite book of Mr. Brown on the topic of politics and political affairs. Contents of the book have been decorated with Arabic words which were not seen in the past in those days.

Nizam ul Mulk


          Siasat Nama or Sair ul Mulk is a comprehensive book on the topic of political affairs and skills. A skillful minister of Saljuqi era has explained political skills with religious touch. It has complete the solution of ministerial skills.

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