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Reward and punishment is one of the popular way to encourage the people of any institution. It plays a vital role in development of any institution. In this way, prize distribution among students is also one of the best way to encourage them because it improves their personal efficiency as well as the whole educational institutions. Although, it comes only once in a year but its effects remain all over the year. It generates interest in the students and staff. It establishes strong links among the parents, students and teaching staff.

Opening Ceremony

            The prize distribution ceremony of school was held on 25th March. The chief guest of the ceremony was Director of Education who was cordially invited to grace the occasion. Preparations for the said ceremony started a month earlier. The school staff carryout whitewash of school’s building before the ceremony. PRIZE SCHOOL A beautiful table and some chairs were placed on the stage on the day of ceremony.  The front rows reserved for teachers and invitees.


             The hall jam-packed with the audience fifteen minutes before the starting of ceremony. The visitors were very much impressed by the arrangements which were made by staff and students. They placed trophies and prizes on a table in a corner of the hall. All of us were eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Chief Guest.

            In the meanwhile, the Director of Education came in his car. The senior staff members welcomed the Principal. The school band played national anthem in his honour. All the students and other audience stood up as a mark of respect when he entered the hall. The Director of Education was accompanied by the Principal and some senior members of the staff. The Chief Guest occupied his seat in complete silence.

Briefing by Principal

              The Principal gave a brief introduction of the life-sketch of the Chief Guest. He also read the Annual Report of the school which include an account of the past achievements of the school. He requested the Chief Guest to enhance the annual grant that was quite insufficient in view of the students’ interest in manifold activities. At the same time, the Principal instructed the President of the Literary Club to begin with the cultural programmed. Some students sang melodious songs. The students performed the story of “Prince and the Wood Cutter” on  stageambition. The participants got clapping from the audience for their wonderful talents that they displayed in acting and presentation. Folk-dance added a great charm to this show.

Prize Distribution

            The Chief Guest gave away the prizes to the prize-winners and shook hands with all of them. The President delivered a short speech in which he praised the performance of the students and encouraged them to participate still more enthusiastically. He also admired the sense of discipline imbibed by the students during the function. At the end, the Principal thanked the President for his kind visit to the school. He dispersed the ceremony and announced the succeeding day as holiday. The ceremony came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem.

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