General Description

          Board of Inter and Secondary Education announced the day of result for which I was anxiously waiting. I got up early in the morning on that day, prepare my self and started towards my school along with my father.  I become very happy when I came to know that I have been promoted to the new class. By Grace of Almighty Allah, I got first Division in 8th class.

Admission Process

        The Headmaster invited applications of candidates for admission in 9th class. I along with my father go to our new school for admission. My father got an admission form from the administration staff. He filled the admission form immediately and entered in the office of Principal. My father gave the form to him. He looked at the first day at schoolform and advised to deposit it with the school staff for further necessary action. The peon led us to the room where I found the staff round a long table. My father gave the form to one of them. The teacher put my knowledge to test in English and mathematics. I solved the questions easily. The teacher wrote something on my admission form and returned it to the school principal for further orders.  The principal put his kind considerations on my application and selected me.

Got Admission

           It was the heppiest movement of my life because I got admission in new class. I went to the classroom after necessary documentation of admission. The instructors were extremely engaged with recording our particulars. They allotted us the roll numbers and we become happy. We proud of being a school student.

First Day

            On the first day, I found myself among some smart and active boys. They were the senior students who wanted to make “Matriculation fools” of us, they greeted the new comers with funny remarks.

           The bell of the school rang in the meanwhile and we go to the class room. It was my first day and new experience in the school. The teacher arrived and began to call over the roll numbers on the attendance register. After the roll call, the teacher spoke us to the subject he will teach. When the period was over, we moved to another room. That day, each teacher spoke on the importance of school education and other advisory lectures.

Impressions in School

            My impression of that day in the school is still fresh in my memory. I found myself at the place where I had wished to be for since I was the student of 8th class. Many times before, I had come to this place with my brothers, cousins and friends. Now tfirst dayhat I myself was a student of this school, it seemed to me a wonderful place. I had a strange sort of satisfaction on entering the gate of my new learning institute. I was experiencing a new joy. The school would give me knowledge and wisdom and make me a good citizen.

            At last the classes were over, the bell rang for us to go away home. I was quite glad.  It had been a fantastic first day at school.

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