Kemya-e-Saadat by Imam Ghazali

General Description of Kemya-e-Saadat

          Kemya-e-Saadat is one of the renowned book of Saljoqi era. The book is written by great Muslim scholar Imam Ghazali. Imam Ghazali was the great scholar, intellectual and thinker of fifth century. His books are not only popular in Asia but also popular in European countries.

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Introduction of Imam Ghazali

             Imam Khawar Ghazali was born in 450 AH in village Taeran of Tus, Iran. He died in 505 AH. His father was a cotton merchant, therefore, the name of Ghazali also named after his profession. Father of Imam Ghazali died when he was eight years old. A friend of his father took the responsibility of his education and gave him basic education. Imam Ghazali went to Jorjan for further higher education. Jorjan was the centre of higher education those days. There was no proper method of education those days. The students used to note important lectures on their note- books, which were called “Talimaat”.

Imam Ghazali
Imam Ghazali

Turning Point of Life

          Imam Sahib write down complete course in notebooks. On return from Baghdad, the robbers robbed him on the way and snatched notebooks along with other valuables. Imam Ghazali became very sad and went in front of the head of robbers. He requested him to return his notebooks otherwise he will be deprived from knowledge. When the head of robbers heard this, he laughed at his statement and returned the notebooks to Imam Ghazali. The attitude of robbers deeply affected Imam Ghazali and learn all the notebooks by heart.

Joined the Office of Nizam Ul Mulk Tosi

          On return from Jorjan (place), Imam Ghazali went to Nishapur (Iran), where he learnt philosophy and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) from Imam-Al-Haramain. Those were the days of Malik Shah’s government and Nizam ul Mulk Tosi was his minister. Imam Ghazali joined the office of Nizam ul Mulk Tosi and started working there. Ghazali became popular due to his sound knowledge. Nizam ul Mulk Tosi appointed him as president of Nizamia Madarassa Baghdad (Military School Baghdad). Imam Sahib served there for four years.

Imam Ghazali
Imam Ghazali

Left the Office of Nizam Ul Mulk Tosi

            Ghazali left Baghdad and went to offer pilgrimage. On return from pilgrimage, he went to Damascus, the capital of Syria. Imam Sahib stayed there for two years, where he spent his time in research and study of Islam. Ghazali wrote a book on the topic of “AHYA UL ULOOM UDDIN” there. He left the job of King Malik Shah and started religious training of his students. Imam Ghazali strongly opposed the philosophy of Greeks.

Renowned Book Kemya-e-Saadat By Imam Ghazali

            Akseer-e-Hidayat is a renowned book of Imam Sahib. Initially, Ghazali wrote the book in Arabic language, however, he translated it in Persian language and named it as “Kemya-e-Saadat”. The main theme of this book is good manners and good behaviors. However, he also indicated the right path of Islam in this book. Imam Sahib strengthened his arguments with verses of Quran and Hadith of holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He covered following topics in the book:-

  1.  Topics of the Book

1)        Identification of autism.

2)        Identification of Almighty Allah

3)        Identification of world.

4)    Identification of the other world/ hereafter.

  1. Features of the Book

1)        Pray / worship.

2)        Interactions with each other/ Business relations.

3)       Knowledge about dangerous / baneful things or forbidden things.

4)        Permissible things/ prayers.

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