Brief History and Biography of Persian Poet Orfi Shirazi

Introduction of Orfi Shirazi.

Orfi Shirazi belongs to a notable family of Shiraz. His father was a high-rank officer in the capital of Shiraz. Therefore, he was a very flirtatious individual. The historians and fellow poets have different views about his complete name. According to Persian poet Nehawandi, his complete name is Khawaja Sayed Muhammad. According to Shibli Nomani, his name was Muhammad Jamal Uddin alias, Orfi Shirazi. However, all are united by his surname “Orfi Shirazi”.

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Orfi Shirazi

Self-flattered and Squirt Poet.

          Most of the Iranian legendary poets were poor and belonged to lower class, clan, and tribes. For example, Khaqani was a carpenter by profession, Ferdowsi was a Gardener and Baqir Kashani was a hawker. Whereas Orfi Shirazi was rich and belonged to an upper class and good clan/tribe. He has usually used ironic words for poor poets because of their profession and clan. This superiority made him aristocrat and contemptuous. Some of the poets were not happy from his such habits.

Tribute of Fellow Poets to Orfi.

          Orfi Shirazi was a brilliant and talented poet in Persian history. His poems and odes are strong and influential. Fellow poets have praised him in good words on account of his braveness. Persian poet Faizi and Abdul Qadir Badayuni have praised him with complimentary words. Compliments of poet Faizi and Abdul Qadir Badayuni are appended below:-

a)      Faizi was the Malak-ul-Shura (head of poets) in the office of King Akbar. He has a lot of respect for him and praised him with honor. Faizi says, “Orfi Shirazi is the king of narration and deep thinker, who explained the nature in a befitting way. He was the most talented poet in Persian history.

b)      Abdul Qadir Bidayuni says all book of Orfi Shirazi is very popular among the people. The hawkers are selling his books in streets and roads. The people buy these books and preserve/enshrine it.

c)      Allama Muhammad Iqbal has also praised the poetry of Orfi. He says Orfi was a great thinker and philosopher in Persian history. Orfi was known as the master of making the story in poetry. His thoughts are very high and touching the sky.

Orfi Shirazi

Characteristics of Poetry.

          The poetry of Orfi Shirazi has Persian characteristics. However, he was inspired by the poets of Subcontinents like Abdul Rahim Khan Khanan, Abul Fatah Gilayani, and Faiz Fayyazi. Therefore, his poetry is a combination of both Persian and subcontinent cultures. The people of Iran refer him as the poet of Subcontinent for this reason.

          Persian poets Abul Fazal, Bedayuni, Faizi and Nehawandi have praised the style and grace of Orfi’s poetry. Dr. Raza Zada Shafaq says, Orfi has the unique style of poetry, which is known as SHEWA-E-HINDI (Indian style). Orfi Shirazi wrote on every topic of poetry but QASEEDA is his most favorite subject in the field of poetry. Simile is one of the most important factors of his poetry. He has expressed his simple thoughts and feelings with the help of similes effectively.

Strong Points of Orfi’s Poetry.

          There are too many famous poets in the history of Persian poetry but Orfi is the most prominent poet. His personality and poetry both are unique from all other Persian poets. He worked hard for Persian poetry and made several changes in its style and characteristics. Shirazi put a new soul in Persian poetry. Some of the strong points of his poetry are appended below:-

a)      Creator of New Meanings. Orfi has used simple words in his poetry and similes it with common things, which created new meanings. This method made him distinctive from other Persian poets and also made him popular among the public.

b)      The sequence of Words. Shirazi has used the words in a regular sequence in his poetry which gave a new sequence to Persian poetry. He gave a new and unique look to Persian poetry.

c)      Use of Examples. Orfi has given religious and cultural examples in his poetry for easy understanding of readers.

d)    Importance of Expression. A Qaseeda writer never gave importance to poetry while praising the kings or monarchs. Whereas Shirazi introduced the importance of expression in his poetry at the first time.

e)     Use of Philosophic Words. Shirazi has used deep philosophic and ethical words in his poetry. Such type of words was not seen before him. He never bounded heartiness and decency to Islam or other religion in his poetry.  Although, other poets have also used this style, however, it more prominent in his poetry.

Orfi Shirazi

Area of Concern in Poetry.

          The poetry of Orfi Shirazi is not only limited to praises, it has the lesson of life.  He has stressed upon self-confidence, sense of responsibility and struggle for betterment. He always preferred struggle and advised it to his fellow. Orfi never advised relying on fortune. Following topics are the main theme of his poetry:-

a)      Self-Confidence. Orfi says, everyone likes good gathering but never try to become good in deeds and acts. He further says, if the people concentrate on self-character, then other people will follow them.

b)     Builder of Fortune. According to Shirazi, everyone is the builder of his fortune. He says a human is unaware of the universe and its happenings. Human considers the happening of the world as a result of stars tracking, which is not fact. If human being studies the universe then he will make his fortune himself.

c)     The sense of Responsibility. Orfi has advised the people for developing a sense of responsibility in his poetry. He says, if everyone accepts responsibility for nation-building, then we can prove a good nation of the world. Shirazi considered this factor as a milestone towards success.

Orfi Shirazi


          Orfi Shirazi was a brave poet in Persian history, who put a new soul in Persian poetry. He belongs to a noble family of Iran and inspired from the poets of Subcontinent. Although, he was a self-flattery poet, however, he gave confidence and self-reliance to the people. He is of the opinion that everyone can build his future with continuous struggle. His thoughts were very high and also liked high thoughts.

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