Introduction or Farmers.

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan and Almighty Allah has deeply blessed it with this gift. 75% population of Pakistan are living in the rural areas and depend upon agriculture. The farmers of Pakistan play vital role in its agriculture sector as well as economy. Prosperity and success of Pakistan depends on the struggle of farmers.  We all must respect them and help them in sale/ purchase of their products/ goods in good price because they are growing grains and vegetable for us.

Preparation of Arable Land.

             Pakistan has considerable arable and under cultivation land. Our Farmers are working hard around the clock for extending agriculture lands and fields. They are using manual old methods as well as modern methods and machinery for the said purposes. They are working hard and remains busy in sowing seed and reaping the corps throughout the year.

Agriculture of Pakistan

Hard Working.

           Farmers get up early in the morning and going to fields along with their bulls for ploughing the land. They takes their breakfast in the field and then started their work in the fields. Most of them consume their lunch in the field. The breakfast and lunch are brought to fields by the members of their family. This method was adopted in the past. In the modern era, farmers are using machinery for making fields, cultivation and harvesting, which has reduced their hard work and also enhanced their products.

Agriculture Products of Pakistan.

          Pakistan is self-sufficient in agriculture products. According to the different statistics and survey organizations, Pakistan is one of the largest food producer and supplier in food products. Apart from other food products, wheat, sugarcane, cotton and rice are the most important crops of Pakistan. Some important agriculture products of Pakistan are as under: –

    • Apricot
    • Cotton
    • Sugarcane
    • Wheat and rice
    • Onion
    • Mango and Date Palm
    • Milk and Dairy products

Reward of Farmers

           Farmers of Pakistan are working hard but get very less amount.  They produce agriculture products in a very hard way but sell it at a low and nominal price in market. Unfortunately, farmers do not have direct excess to markets, which cause benefits of third party (mediators). Mediator earns more than the farmers.

farmersLife Style / Living Standard.

            Farmers lives a very simple life. Their clothes have a rural flair and lives in a mud-house, though many farmers of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have built Pukka houses as well. Their property comprises of few bulls, a plough-share and a few acres of land. Most of them are living from hand to mouth.

Health Standard

Although, average income of a farmer is very low, however their health remain very good as they uses pure products. They uses pure milk and butter for their meals and remains happy. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort and they always fight for it.


Pakistani farmers are our assets and we must require to look after them. Government should also require to make some reforms in agriculture sector. They should be given direct access in the local and international markets in order to improve their products and living standard.

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