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               Examination is a common practice in schools and colleges to assess and judge the knowledge of students. It plays an important role in judging the knowledge and learning of students. This method encourages hard work and promote healthy competition among the students. It gives timely feedback to teachers as well as parents and provides several educational benefits to students.

Psychological Pressure of Examination

            Examination without psychological pressure is helpful in each and every part of life. It makes the man perfect and proves helpful in selecting of right man for the right job. Right and transparent selection without examinations is almost impossible. It has some disadvantages (demerits) apart from its advantages (merits). Examination brings a lot of improvement in the knowledge and skills of students. It also develops their standard through regular feedback. Moreover, examination promotes the sense of competition and hard work among the students. It is an excellent tool to judge / determine the teaching standard of teachers because they avail an opportunity to monitor / evaluate their teaching methodology.

          On the other hand, the examination has some disadvantages also. It makes the candidate addicted to cramming. The students learn by heart some questions and depend upon them for their success in examination. They agree with ready-made ideas and accept it for securing maximum marks in examinations. They do not use their brains openly which affect their initiative. The students depend on luck more than hard work / preparation for it.

Poor Predictive Quality

 Examination              The examinations have a poor predictive quality because they only judge the ability of students under set / limited conditions. Some students get anxious under strict examination condition and could not perform up to the mark. It makes the students habitual of fixed curriculum and prefer to pass a specific examination. This method limits the curriculum to a set range of knowledge which stops the benefits of education. We can say that examinations confine teachers and students to the syllabus defined at the begging of the year.

            Students ignore the moral side due to examinations which is an essential part of personality because education does not mean knowledge of books alone. It concerns the whole man with his mental and moral make up. The examination test the knowledge and not the morals value of a candidate. However, its demerits do not lessen its importance. No doubt, some of the universities in the developed countries like Japan and America have abolished examinations and tests. But this experiment can be successful only in highly developed countries. It demands light classes in schools because a teacher can give more attention to student in this way.


            Keeping above discussion in view, some improvement require in the current test and examination system in order to remove its disadvantages and get maximum educational advantages. It is recommended that examination system must be continued with some alternations. Method of psychological tests be encouraged to judge the intelligence of a student instead of current system. This method will enhance the efficiency of students.

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