Human being is anxious by nature and want to do something new. Being a human, I also like adventures. No doubt, the degree of love varies from person to person, however, I like to visit mountains and hills. Once, a friend suggested me to visit Chitral valley. Chitral is situated in the far northern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province. One June morning, we left for district Dir by local coach and reached there in the evening. We stayed in Dir because the journey was very tiring. We slept soundly for the night in a hotel at Dir.

Description of Road

             Next morning we left for Chitral valley. It is about 140 kilometers from Dir. On the way, we passed by Lawari Top which is approximately 10500 feet above the sea level. A tunnel is also in progress and approximately almost work is completed, however, the tunnel has not yet opened for general traffic. Lawari tunnel takes only 25-30 minutes in coach or car whereas Lawari pass takes 3-4 hours for crossing. Lawari tunnel is a precious gift for their citizens. The route of Lawari pass is very difficult but the beauty of the landscape was simply breathtaking. There were very sharp, hairpin turns on the road on both side of Lawari pass. The passengers and citizen of Chitral faces great difficulties during winter season.

Lawari Top

             We reached Chitral valley in about 3 hours after crossing the Lawari Top. We stayed in PTDC hotel there. It is generally divided into two parts i.e upper and Lower. The upper part is cooler, mountainous and less populated whereas the lower is warmer and more populated.

Visit to Upper Chitral

           Chitral1Early in the morning, we decided to first visit upper Chitral. We left the city for Shindur Top. Shindur Top is approximately at a distance of seven hours in car from city. Shindur Polo ground is one of the world unique polo ground which is situated on the height of mountains. Government arranges Shindur Fair Festival at Shindur Top every year in which a polo tournament takes place between Gilgit Baltistan province and Chitral teams. We returned to our previous location at PTDC at late night. On the second day, we left for the second most popular place of upper Chitral i.e. Garam Chishma (Hot spring). We visited Garam Chishma and also take a bath there in hot water. We returned to PTDC in the evening.

Visit to Lower Chitral

            On the third day, we decided to visit the most beautiful and historical Kalash valley of lower Chitral. Kalash valley is Chitral one of the world’s unique valley which has the ancient culture of Kalash people. These people are residing in BamboChitralrait, Ramboor and Bireer valleys. Kalash people are very peaceful and famous for their hospitality. They have unique and rich cultures. Kalash wear unique clothes and jewelries. They have also a historical graveyard in Bamborait valley. Kalash people arranges Kalash Fair Festival in June every year. We also enjoyed the said festival during our visit.


         It was our great and unforgettable experience to visit this historical valley. The people of Chitral are very well behaved. They are very cooperative by nature. Roads and transport are also very good. We returned homes with a lot of memories.

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