General Description.  

           Begging is very hateful and common practice in our society. It is an abhorrent and hateful job. Beggars are very commonly seen in approximately every cities and almost everywhere. They can usually doing their hateful job in the streets of towns and villages, mosques and other religious places of worship, historical places, railway stations, bus stops and places of tourist interest. Our religion has strictly forbidden this practice. Every religion and culture of the world has regretted it. Our government has tabulated many strict rules for its prevention. Many NGOs are working against street begging in Pakistan. They are educating the people against street begging practice.

Begging in Islam.  

          It is strictly forbidden in Islam as it creates problem in the society. A habitual beggar cannot work. He cannot become a social and active member of a society. Our holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) says that Begging is forbidden “HARAM” for Muslims. He strictly forbidden us from this malpractice.bagger

Social Value of Beggars.

Some beggars are poor and do not have any other source of livelihood, however, some people are forced to beg. Both have no social value in our society because it is a bad habit. Everyone hate them at all cases because a beggar cannot become an active member of a society.

Types of Beggar

          Some of the beggars are physically handicapped and unable to find proper jobs to make a living. They need some help from us. However, there are some type of beggars who try and entertain us by signing and playing some musical instruments and joking tactics. There are some others who pretend to be handicapped and beg only because they don’t want to work for earning of livelihood.

Condition of Beggar.

           Condition of a street beggar is usually dirty and unclean. He wears dirty clothes and has dusty and matted hair in order to get petty of people. Generally, he is not a very pleasant sight. That is why most of the people hate beggars and think they are eyesores. We must discourage the professional beggars, however, we must not haste all beggars because some are really helpless. It is common to hear people cursing beggars and asking why they do not work. But how many of us are willing to give them work? We must not curse the beggars and advise them in a better way to refrain from begging. Every individual must educate them to refrain from it as it is forbidden in our religion also. We should be careful of those who pretend to be helpless and cheat us.

Social Responsibilities.

          We all are responsible to help poor people through donations and charities. If we fulfill our social and religious responsibilities, then no one will commit the bad habit of begging. We must treat the beggars in accordance with Islam.


            Begging is an abhorrent and hateful work. It is also a bad habit. Islam has strictly banned this practice. Islam has introduced a charity based rules (ZAKWAT) for its prevention. Therefore, we must to curb this practice in our society.

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