The Postman or the duties of Postman

General Description.  

              The job of a Postman is very holy and demanding. He is an important and responsible public servant. This messenger distributes good news among the people. He works in the Postal Department and participates in development of his country. A postman delivers letter, summon of courts, parcel and money order to people.  He wears a particular Khaki dress and carries a medium bag. His bag remains full of letters, parcels and other important documents. Everybody knows him because he visits the village once in a day. He enjoys good relations with everyone. Everybody welcome him because he brings good news for them. A Postman is the most responsible and dutiful person of our society.


Area of Responsibility of Postman.  

         Each Postman is given a specific area for duty, where he has to deliver all type of mail, parcels and money orders. The area of responsibility in cities are commonly less than the villages and remote areas. He is performing his duties on foot or bicycle. In big cities, some of them can be seen making their rounds on motorcycles. However he has also to deliver letters on foot in many remote areas of the country.

Importance of a Jab.  

             Letter is the only way to keep in touch with families, relatives and friends for many people. Moreover, letter is the most reliable mode of communication/ correspondence among the persons and departments. The Postman also delivers official letters apart from social letters. Therefore, the people are eagerly waiting for his arrival in their homes. This is especially true in rural areas because modes of communication are less than cities in the remote areas. He has to read and write letters for the people as a number of our people are still illiterate. Although this is not a part of his job, he does this to help people without any reward. The work of a Postman is very important. If a Postman failed to deliver a letter to a deportment, it will badly affect their office routine activities. He performs his job smoothly/ gently and speaks to the people politely.

Hard Duty and PostmanLess Salary.   

           The Postman is a hard-working person but gets very low salary. He works round the clock without any fail. The postman gets up early in the morning and goes to Post Office for collection of mail/ parcels. He does not enjoy too many holidays in a year. This duty full man works in extreme weather condition including rain and snowfall. He delivers the mail to concerned person in his area of responsibility. The postman regularly remains in touch with people in his area of responsibility. He meets the people gently and the people also give regards to him. This public servant serves all equally and does not make difference between the poor and rich people. He fulfills the demands of his people equally.


               Internet and social media has changed almost the role of a Postman in the modern era. However, his responsibilities raised because the issuing authority of a letter sends an SMS (short mail service) to receiving addressee before dispatching a letter.

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