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This world is like a stage and everyone plays their role on it, however, some of them become unforgettable.  We all have created for some specific purpose / role in this world. Our lives are full of adventures / ups and downs. There is hardly any living being who has never gone through ups and downs in his life. There are many days in life that bring joys and pleasure but some days are the happiest and remains in our minds forever which also called unforgettable movement of life. These days are the remembering of the amazing time we have spent. Some of them may be forgotten with the passage of time whereas others leave an everlasting image on our minds.

Unexpected Event

I passed my matriculation examination last year. Although, I had performed well in the examination, yet was not so hopeful of getting a first class grade. Matriculation is very important for the career of every student, therefore, I was very much anxious for it.  On the day of result, I along with my friends got up early in the morning and went to my school. I hurriedly went to the notice board. The notice board was full of roll numbers. happiestI started spotting out my roll number. Meanwhile, different expressions appeared on my face because the good result was not expected. Suddenly, I saw my roll number along with the remarks of third position and first class grade in my class. It was a matter of immense surprise and pleasure for me. Almighty Allah fulfilled our desires and passed all my class-fellow with good marks.

Celebration of Happiness.  

We made a programme to go to some good picnic spot in order to celebrate our happiness. At last, we have decided to go to Karachi for picnic. We reached Karachi, a lovely picnic resort. There was a great rush of people which was unforgettable. The bank of the canal was occupied by the people. We also sat there under the shadow of a tree and took lunch and other eatable with us. Then, made a little music party and listened some music there. Suddenly, we heard loud cries. We rushed towards the canal and shocked to see a boy was drowning and crying for help.


Help of Drowning Youg Boy.   

The boy was crying continuously. I jumped into the water immediately and swam towards him. I reached and picked the drowning boy and then dragged him towards the bank. He was in very bad condition. I observed him carefully and found him an old classmate of mine. He was immediately given medical aid and after some time he regained consciousness. I become very happy to see him recovering as I had saved the life of my classmate.

Unforgettable Movement

This day was unforgettable and day of great joy and happiness for me. Not only I secured second position but also did a brave and noble act by saving the life of a boy. This day was one of the happiest and unforgettable day of my life.

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