General Description.  

Choice of a profession was not adopted nor given proper attention in the past. A former’s son became a farmer and a king’s son became king. It was adopted inherently in past. There is no single person in this vast world who does not desire happiness. Everyone is running after his happiness. However, it is not such a thing that can be achieved so easily. If we want happiness, we must think how to choose a right profession. There are many professions to choose, but the average people are mostly going for some pet professions. There are many people who are doing job but they are not fit for that particular work which create dissatisfaction among them. I think the profession is that where one can get satisfaction and produce best serves.

Difficulties in Selection of a Profession

We have put step in the modern era. This era have a lot of challenges and competitions in every field. Choice choiceof a profession is an important task which plays a vital role in future building. It is quite difficult to select a profession for our future life. However, we must have an aim for its selection in our lives. An aimless life is just like a boat that is not aware of the destination. Hence, the necessity of choosing a profession arises there.

Suitable Choice.  

Some people find themselves suitable in the field of industry while others interested in science and technology. Although I am not fit enough at this age to choose a profession, yet I would like to adopt teaching as a profession because teaching is a noble work and has a bright future. It is very wise to choose a profession with great care. The profession so chosen will enable the mental gifts of a person to blossom.

Applied Phase

I inspired from my teachers, so, I want to become a professor. Most of our people are still illiterate. I want to adopt teaching because I want to take the masses from the darkness to light (literacy). Teaching has many advantages than other professions. First of all, it is free from all type of corruptions compared to other professions. It is an ideal and a noble one because a teacher remains honest with it. He gives the gems from his mind to his students.

A prchoice of professionofessor constantly remains in touch with various books which keeps his knowledge up-to-date. He is the storehouse of knowledge and information. He is the picture of wisdom. A professor has to read books of eminent authors, philosophers and literary figures which increases his maturity. His ability to solve complex problems is enhanced. A teacher is the true builder of a nation. He molds the characters of tender children and teach them noble qualities of service, sacrifice and patriotism. A teacher guides the students in their most critical periods of life. He is the maker of their lives. Therefore, I like this profession the most. A teacher is kept in high esteem by everyone-students as well as the society.

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