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            Regular study is the most difficult thing in the life of a student, therefore, vacations become the reason of joy and happiness for them. They anxiously wait for these vacations to refresh themselves. Students make plans and think to spent vacation in a befitting way, however, their celebration varies from each other. The students of cities wants to celebrate vacations in a villages or hills whereas the students of villages want to celebrate the vacations in some big city. A week before the summer break, the students stopped taking interest in studies and become busy in making ambitious plans to visit some historical or joyful place. But man proposes and Allah disposes.

Beginning of Summer Vacations

            On the very first day of summer vacations, my father slipped in the garden and broke his ankle. We evacuated him to nearest hospital immediately where his whole leg plastered. He advised bed rest for two weeks. I had to look after my father as well as the family. I had to bring vegetable and other eatables from shop. My relatives and friends came to ask about his health and I had to serve them at home. I kept company with my father and tried to keep him busy. I told him stories and tried to make him happy in every possible mannerChitral.

Restless Days

            My father could not stand due to his broken foot. It was not easy to prepare his bed, serve him food and change his clothes etc because no male member was present in my home. So I had to bear all the burden. Whenever he was to be carried to the washroom, I had to be very careful about his health and the plaster on his leg. In this way, two weeks were over. We took him again to the hospital to get the plaster cut. There was a long line of patients in the hospital. We had to wait in the veranda on the wooden bench. It was a really trying time for us in the hospital. At last, the doctor checked my father and get the plaster cut of his leg. We become happy to know that his ankle become good. We returned to our home happily.

Tour of Kashmir in vacations

            My friends were already proceeded to Kashmir for spending of their summer vacations. They wrote me letter that they are having nice time in Kashmir. My friends described the pleasant weather, beautiful natural scenery of Kashmir and their trekking experience from MURREE to Kashmir. I told my father and express my wish of visit to Kashmir to him. He permitted me and I join them at Kashmir valley on the next day. On reaching to Kashmir, we prepare another trekking plan of NEELAM valley. NEELAM valley is one of the most beautiful valley of Kashmir which is rich of natural beauty. The people of Kashmir was very good in manners and famous for their hospitality. We enjoyed the remaining days there as weather of Kashmir was very pleasant. I spent my summer vacation very busy and joyful.

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