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My motherland “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” is a gift of Almighty Allah for me. It is the most beautiful country of the world and center of Islam. Its population is approximately more than 20 million. It is the 36th largest country (in terms of area) which is located in a unique corner of the world. India is situated to its eastern border, Afghanistan to the west, Iran to the southwest, the Gulf of Oman to the south and China in the far northeast respectively.

Largest Democracy.

          Democracy is the most popular system / shape of government in the world.  There are three dominating political parties i.e. Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) is the Center pakistan mapright conservative party, the Center left socialist Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Centrist / third-way Pakistan Movement for Justice (PTI) led by a hero cricketer Imran Khan come to the surface in general elections 2013. These parties are the most popular among the people.


         Although people of all religions can be found living here but they are speaking local languages. Its Main language is Urdu which is the national language. Apart from Urdu language, Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi, Sindhi, Sheena (spoken in northern areas) and many other languages are spoken here. It is said that after every 200 kilometers or so, one can observe a change in food, clothes, language and houses etc. Some of the local languages are appended below:-

1)         Khawar, Dari and Nooristani (spoken in district Chitral of KPK province)

2)          Hindko (spoken in KPK province)

3)         Saraiki and Photohari (Spoken in Punjab as well as Sindh province)

4)         Brahvi (spoken in Balochistan)

5)         Balti (spoken in Gilgit Baltistan)

Agriculture Sector of Pakistan

              Agriculture sector is the most contributing sector in the economy of Pakistan. The land of Pakistan is very fertile therefore, all type of crops are cultivated here. We are among the largest producers of wheat, rice and sugar. Moreover, we are the largest producers of milk in the world.

Industrial Sector.  

          Industrial sector is contributing about 24% of GDP (Gross Domestic Products) in the economy of Pakistan.  The largest manufacturing industry of Pakistan is cotton textile production. It contributes about 66% of the merchandise exports. Cement, fertilizer, edible oil, sugar, food, tobacco, chemicals, machinery and steel processing are other major industries of our country. Moreover, it has skilled and technical engineers. We feel proud on our ability.


Location in the Map of the World.

              Pakistan is located in strategic and geopolitical corridor of the world. It has close proximity to the natural resources of Central Asian countries.

Foreign Relations.

      It maintains good foreign relations with all world in general and neighbours i.e Iran, Afghanistan and China in particulars except India . Pakistan has a slight difficult relation due geopolitical rivalry.

Administrative Divisions.

Administration of Pakistan is also unique like its shape, people and seasons. It is administratively divided into following main two parts:-

1)         Provincially Administrated Areas.

a)         Baluchistan

b)         KPK

c)         Punjab

d)         Sindh

(2)       Centrally Administrated Areas

a)         Gilgit Baltistan

b)         FATA (Federally Administrative Tribal Areas)

c)         Azad Kashmir

d)         Islamabad Capital Territory


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