General Description.   

              Human wants are unlimited and the means to satisfy these wants are not only limited but have alternative uses. House is the basic necessity of life and top priority of all human beings. The quality of life improves when you have a sweet home of your own. We wish to have a house in an ideal location. House is a shelter for us. It gives us an opportunity to translate some of our dreams into reality. We love our homes and decorate its rooms according to our taste and need. My whole family cultivate vegetables and green garden in it. We grow fruit and other plants/ trees in our house. All of us look after these plants, trees, vegetables, flowers and green garden with a loving care.



              I live in a small sweet home which is adjacent to my school. All the facilities like mosque, school, hospital and park are available in the nearby vicinity of our house. It is almost new and well-furnished according to our necessity. It stands a little way back from the road. There is a small garden of flowers and some fruit trees in front of it which increases the beauty of our house. There is a car porch in a corner of my house. The car porch is next to the garden. A path leads from the gate to the car porch. A corner of the car porch is evergreen with a lovely climber plants which remains in brilliant bloom throughout the year.


           There is a beautiful lounge downstairs, serving as a general living room equipped with television and other relevant facilities which is also serving as a reception room for guests. The lounge has windows for proper lights and ventilation. It has also the facility of attached bath for guests. All the bathrooms are equipped with bathing and washing facilities. A dining room and a kitchen is also next to the lounge. The kitchen of our house is expensive and made on western style which fulfill all our requirements. The drawing-room of our house has a large window faces towards the front lawn. Upstairs is bedrooms and the children’s room. The rooms are not so large but fulfills our requirements. The largest room is the lounge which reaches from the front to back and has windows on both ends for proper lights and ventilation.


Repair/ Maintenance of House.     

          My father and I love to work in the garden of our house. We prune the bushes of plants and trees once in a year especially in summer. We always get our fruit-trees sprayed once a month and before fruits season. My mother loves roses and flowers. She is looking after flower-beds herself from time to time. My mother decorates our room from seasonal flowers. She also makes gifts from these seasonal flowers and presents to my friend on various occasions. I take care to keep the front lawn clean and tidy enough by using a lawn-mower.  A safe and tidy house is a blessing of Al Mighty Allah indeed.

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