Essay on My Hobby in English

Motive behind Essay on My Hobby.

In developed countries, the teachers and parents are giving future plan to children in childhood. They are monitoring the activities of their children in the early stage and make plan for their future accordingly. They are giving different toys to the children for their selection. Once, a child selects a toy, the parents and teacher put them on the selected fields. Similarly, the motive behind the essay on my hobby is an attempt towards the easy selection of children. A number of topics have been explained in this essay. Everyone can select a topic from this essay according to his need. The essay on my hobby will help the children and students in selection of a relevant fields.

My Hobby (100 words Essay)

I belong to a well-read family. We are living in a congested city. There are insufficient play grounds available in my city. I cannot satisfy my hobby in this way. So, I decided to select a smart game which can be played at home. My hobby is playing table tennis. Table tennis is a smart game. I can play it in a small space. It keep me fit and active. I am playing table tennis in my school as well as at home. We can play it with two rackets, one ball and a table. It increases my stamina and keep me fresh.

My Hobby (200 words Essay)

I am reading in class fourth grade. My family wants to give me quality education.  It is a demanding job and needs a lot of struggle / study. However, good education is compulsory for each and every student. Therefore, I determined to achieve this goal. Now, I am reading books in my free time. It increases the vocabulary and general knowledge of students. Book is the best friend of loneliness. It makes me aware with the whole world without any expenditure. Now, I have full ingress over the general knowledge. It will prove better for me in my future competitive examinations.

My hobby is books reading. I read news, novel and story books apart from syllabi books. It has many advantages and no single disadvantage. Before this practice, I was weak in reading and dictation. Most of the days I was ashamed in front of my class-fellow.  My parents and teachers always used to force me for improvement of my reading and dictation. They pushed me towards a health bobby. My hobby enhanced my reading and dictation capability. My hobby gives me knowledge. Now, I am feeling happy and honor in front of my class-fellow. I spent my free time in books reading.

My Hobby (400-500 words Essay)

Human is the leading creature of the universe and social animal. This social animal always works for his livelihood and future career. Human is doing profession for livelihood and hobby for fun and satisfaction. Hobby is an interesting field of work for everyone. It is a source of joy for us. We voluntarily offer ourselves in the span of free time. We should do it with pleasure. Hobby is the major factor in perusing our works towards the real life. It helps in increasing our efficiency, interest and ability. Life without a hobby is meaningless. It gives us an opportunity to develop various aspects of our personality. Hobby is a pastime and a form of relaxation. It is true that hobby is a necessary factor of life like salt for food. I will try to describe different aspects hobbies in this essay “My Hobby Essay in English “.    

My Hobby

Type of Available Hobbies.

Multiple types of hobbies are available i.e. gardening, drawing, painting, stamps collecting, photography, reading, sewing, playing and indoor or outdoor sport. The other types are crafts, embroidery, coin collecting, writing, reading, listening to music, bird watching, collecting antiques, pet care, cooking and knitting. Some of it are expensive and require more money and place. Whereas, some are cheap and easy to achieve. Some of it requires more hard work, whereas, some requires less hard work. These varieties provide us a lot of choice and opportunities for selection. All these hobbies are educative and productive. We can learn many things with practical insights, which could not be learned from books. There are a variety of fields which can be adopted as a hobby.

My Hobby

A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment in free time. Hobby gives Relaxation to everyone. That why this is also known as time pass activity. A hobby is very important and interesting habit for every person. Everyone should have a good hobby. These who adopted hobby of their interest they don’t feel boring and it makes
them busy and gives freshness to their mind. Normally each and every person has a different hobby like, song, dance and music etc. Mostly peoples make their hobby in their early life or in childhood. But it could be made in any age not only in childhood. People do have different hobbies depending upon their interest, like or dislike.

A number of hobbies are available but my favorite hobby is gardening. Gardening was selected after gone through the recommended option of experts. Gardening gives me immense pleasure and fitness. I like my green lawn, blooming garden and greener plants. The greenery of a garden is because of my constant concentration and hard work. In this way, everyone can make a blooming garden in his home with hard work and a small budget. The growing of seed into a beautiful plant gives me pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. I enjoy tending to my plants and watering my garden every day. It gives me utmost satisfaction, pleasure and keeps me energetic, active and busy. In a world full of tension and pollution, it is a great relief to see beautiful flowers and lovely plants. Therefore, it became my hobby now.

Students may select lengthy Essay on My Hobby beyond this Point

Type of Hobbies

There are different type of hobbies like Dance, song, drawing, playing games, tickets collection, photography, writing, cooking, reading, games, gardening music, TV and etc. Sometimes hobby become profession, in that case our hobby
helps us to earn money and make a successful career. My favorite hobby is cooking, music listening, and gardening. However I always prefer to gardening. It is just like oxygen for me, which improve my work ability and efficiency. My hobby gives me peace and happiness. It make my day useful.

Every morning I enjoy beauty of my garden. It give me so much pleasure when I see slowly growing plants on the daily Basis. I daily watch the plants growth and watering the plants. Its gives me satisfaction. I always try to plant new and beautiful plants in my garden. It is a source of enjoyment. I also enjoy the sunrise view from my garden. Sometimes I play games with my father in my garden. I also enjoy the evening walk with my mother.

 Pre-Selection Elements.

As I stated earlier that there are numerous variations of hobbies. Therefore, its selection becomes a difficult task. A lot of time required for the study and making feasibility report. So, we can say, it is a time-consuming process. Fund investment is the other important element in pre-selection process. Both time and fund are necessary elements because right selection is necessary for right planning and right direction towards the destination. We should take the advice of experts in the pre-selection process from concerned fields and departments. A thorough study helps us in suitable selection. Advantages and disadvantages should also be kept in mind during the selection process of the hobby. If we obey these elements, then we can select a suitable hobby for ourselves.

Methodology for Selection.

First, a comprehensive study of all available hobbies will be done for easy understanding and consequent actions. A suitable conclusion is drawn from the study. Special attention to be drawn towards the disadvantages and angriness of parents during the selection process because it will rank your possession among the family. Then the concluded idea be discussed with experts / concerned department and the people who have the same hobby. If the experts recommend a hobby for you, then compare it with available resources and budget. Discuss the idea and its advantages with parents and try to conveyance them. If the experts give you a positive answer, then start the implementation process. In this way, you can select a right and suitable hobby.

Preparation Session.

Survey of different markets is necessary for best and cheap purchase of desired plants. Sometimes, the sellers are getting more profit on seasonal plants. Therefore, the survey of different markets helps us in best and cheap selection of seasonal plants. Keeping these things in mind, I went to the market and buy the best category seed according to my needs. I bought the seed of various seasonal plants and enjoy its growing. The greenery of plants and sweet fragrance of flowers is like a tonic for eyes and minds.

my hobby

Reasons behind Selection.

Gardening is my ancestral hobby. I got this habit of nurturing plants from my parents. Parents are encouraging me in this field because it is a profitable work. Now, I have grown vegetables and fruit plants in my home apart from flowers. These plants are my assets and increase my budget and also fulfill my daily needs. I have managed to keep up a small garden in front of our porch with the help of my mother. It looks like a green carpet of velvet grass. I am giving water and dig the ground around the plants and flowers on daily basis. We also regularly add the medicines for protection and better production from my garden. We clean the garden twice a week. However, we clean the garden from dry leaves on daily basis during autumn.

Idea for Growing Vegetables

As I stated earlier that budget plays a vital role in fulfillment/satisfaction of a hobby. So, I thought to grow vegetables and fruits trees to fulfill the requirements my funds. Vegetables and fruits are our daily need. It can compensate my budget in term of vegetables and fruits easily. So, I planned to grow vegetables and fruits in one corner of my home garden. It is also an experiment in the field of agriculture. If I succeed, then we would not have to buy vegetables and fruits from the market and we can even distribute it among the friends and neighbors. Moreover, we can look after the needy people also. It is not so expensive and also increases the beauty of my home. Gardening is a good and profitable hobby. I really enjoy it.


Advantages of Gardening

There are countless advantages of gardening. Some are stated below:-

a)       Gardening provides natural atmosphere to us even in cities and congested areas.

b)       It is a source of learning for children. Children can learn the names of plants, fruits and colors easily.

c)       Gardening provides us an opportunity of physical exercise, which keeps us fit and fine.

d)       It provides us fresh vegetables and fruits.

e)       Gardening is beneficial to our society because it keeps the society healthy.

my hobbyConclusion

A comprehensive and deliberate study has been carried out on the topic of essay on my hobby. Different aspects of my hobby have been explained in simple words for ease of students and children. Special emphasize has been given to motive, reasons, selection methodology, and advantages in the article essay on my hobby. Different hobbies have been indicated in the article. Moreover, a hobby on the topic of “gardening” has also been defined in the article. The children and students will able to choose their hobbies easily after its study.  

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