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             Human beings likes to live in a community like other living things because it is social animal. Being a social creation, human lives different from other living things. They like to have well-read family, furnished home, car and lead happy life. Human beings seek to live in harmony with their fellow beings. They love the community and country where their family and the people live. The nation is their family and the country is homeland. Thus, the most powerful passion, respect and love of a man takes place with his country and natural object.

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Love with Country

              I love Pakistan because it has given me every this which I have. It is my country, homeland and its love is my blood and soul. This country has educated me, fed me and protected me from all restrictions. It has given me everything it has. This is the land of my forefather and who also loved it. It is my ancestral motherland and every inch of its soil is rich with our sweat and blood. Their bone are buried here. They have become a part of this land. It is most precious and sacred for me. I love it with my heart and soul.

Climatespak of Pakistan

          Pakistan is a gift of Al Might Allah for us in this world and its soil of Pakistan is full of natural resources. Apart from this, Pakistan has four seasons which is a unique gift of Allah i.e. summer, winter, autumn and spring. Climates of Pakistan remains very good all over the year.

Location of Pakistan

                Pakistan is not just a piece of land to me. It is located in the important and strategically suitable corner of the world. Pakistan is unique in its shape from all world. It is a small country but it has the lowest and highest places of the world.

Unique Assets

                Pakistan is our past, present and our future. It is a new state in the political sense but in reality, it is thousands of years old Indus valley civilization. It is the land, light and castle of Islam. My people have lived here for centuries. Unfortunately, a foreign pak1nation conquered this fair land. They kept it and its descendant bondage for many years. Its people had all along been fighting to free their motherland.


              The people and leadership of Pakistan have offered great sacrifices for the certain of this homeland. Every drip of its dust is colored with the blood of our ancestors. We have paid a great price for it and we all are ready to pay even greater price for its freedom, if it is necessary. This is our country and our homeland. It is the fairest of all lands for us.

my country


Pakistan is a precious and valuable gift of Al Mighty Allah. Presently, it faces many challenges in the shape of terrorism, foreign and internal challenges. We must protect it from all type of challenges and love it by contributing with their hard work, sincerity and honesty.

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