Health is the Precious Gift of Al-Mighty Allah

General Description

         A good health is a gift of Almighty Allah. A well-known proverb “Health is wealth” is being quoted for motivation and guideline which indicates it importance. Al-Mighty Allah has blessed us with countless gifts but it is the most precious gift of Him in the world. If a man gets ill and losses his health then the charm of this world losses for him. A healthy person does not need to visit doctors and spend money on medicines. It is precious and certainly a great blessing of Allah Almighty. It is more important than wealth because it has no price. A rich person can afford various luxuries of life such as big car, large house, air-conditioners and other expensive facilities of life. But he can enjoy all these luxuries if his health is good.

Definition of Health

           The simplest and most traditional definition of health is freedom from sickness and diseases. healthIt is physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.  In case we are running down, overworked or dreadfully sick, we consult a kind, sensible and prudent doctor. He gives us a tonic or prescribes a sp
ecial diet. He may say that the trouble occurred on account of your hard work and a bit negligence. The doctor forbid us from a particular food, work or exercise.

Methods for Maintaining of Good Health

             A good health can be maintained in a number of ways. It needs regular care, regular exercise, good and simple food, good thoughts, hard work and cleanliness. Moreover, personal cleanliness, hygienic environment, simple food and a regular way of life are helpful to it. We must abide by the rules of health. Early to bed in evening and early to rise in the morning, meals at regular and particular times, recreation, rest and good deeds with human beings are the ways which make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Young and energetic people need to take vigorous athletic exercises in the fresh open air on regular basis.


            A healthy person can work for long time without getting tired as compared to unhealthy person. He can enjoy all the pleasures of life, whereas unhealthy persons can’t do or enjoy well. The world has no charm for ill health persons. They are always worried due to their physical and mental complications. Wealth has no importance for them.

             Sometimes staying at one place, years in and years out tends to make us tired and stale. It is a signal that what we need is a complete change in our environment. Visit to some other place at the hills or in the countryside is helpful for our good healthhealth1. Fresh air and change in our routine life are better than all the tonics in the world. Eating out is generally avoided by health-conscious people. We must consume home-made cookies because home-made cookies are the safest way to maintain us in the world. All must avoid low quality fast food because it has health-harming ingredients. We must include home-made natural and organic foods in our diets for maintaining of good health.

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