Democracy is the most suitable way of government. The word democracy has been derived from ancient Greek word Demos.  Demos were the ancient Greek tribe’s people who struggled against hereditary monarchs and got freedom from them.  It is a government system in which all the people of a state are involved in making decisions about their daily routine affairs as well as their future. People select representatives for parliament or similar assembly in a democracy. The government machinery goes in hands of winner party through election.  The second most popular party plays role of opposition in the parliament. Opposition party criticizes all illegal decisions of the government.  The meaning of democracy is the government of the people.

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         The democratic government tries her best tdemocracy1o deliver good services because if a government fails to deliver then the people rejects them for next time. It is the combination of some public crucial decisions. It consists of following four elements in accordance with political scientists: –democracy

  • Choosing and replacing political government through free, fair and transpire election.
  • Participation of citizens in politics and civic life.
  • Equal protection of human rights of citizens in a state.
  • Rule of Law


          There is no proper and global definition of democracy exists, however legal equality, political freedom and rule of law is generally known as democracy. These rules are also its important characteristics. The term democracy is sometimes used as liberal, which include elements such as political pluralism, rule of law and equal human rights for all citizens. If rule of law and equality of human rights does not exists then  its meaning and color falls dim. It alone cannot provide personal and political freedom without civil society.  It requires following three fundamental principles:-

  •  Sovereignty exists at the lowest level of a community.
  •  Political equality in a country.
  •  Equal social norms and customs for all.


     There are so many types of democracy exists in the world.

  •  Direct
  •  Semi-direct
  •  Presidential democratic system
  •  Parliamentary
  •  Constitutional monarchy
  •  Republic
  •  Liberal and social etc.

Democracy of Pakistan.  

            Its roots in the South Asia region is very deep. Although, most of the South Asian countries came into being recently, however, its roots are historical. Pakistan also came into being in 1947 on Muslim ideology. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan and father of the nation struggled day and night for democracy. Democracy of Pakistan is one of the unique and perfect which is on the base of parliament.

Political System of Pakistan.  

         After independence, its political system failed quickly because of weak and fragmented political party they were unable to resolve important issues of the country.  Unfortunately, civilian bureaucracy and military assumed governing power as a result of political instability. Constitutionally, Pakistan is a democratic parliamentary Islamic republic with its political system. The democratic system of Pakistan has following main three pillars :-

  • Parliament.  Prime Minister is the head of Pakistani parliament.
  • Establishment. Head of establishment is President of Pakistan.
  • Judiciary.  Chief Justice is the head of Pakistani judiciary.

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