General Description.  

             There is so many teachers in my school but Mr. Raza is my ideal and favorite teacher. He is a promising young man of 33 with a lot of potentials. Mr. Raza is very kind towards his students. Almighty Allah has blessed him with tremendous multiple good qualities. He possesses sound health and sharp mental capability. Mr. Raza is really the man of intellect and intelligence. He is a storehouse/ library of knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes, I wonder how he has acquired so much of knowledge and many characteristics in young age.

A Well Disciplined Teacher.   

          Mr. Raza is a strict disciplinarian teacher in the class and very humble in social life. He teaches us from the core of the heart. My ideal teacher teaches us every subject sincerely and enthusiastically. He remains satisfied and makes the students satisfied. His teaching method is decent and good. The students listen to him attentively because of his sound arguments on the issues, easy explanation on subject and well-knit thoughts. He keeps the class lively through funny and humor examples. His lecture does not make any kind of boredom or idleness to descend the class. The witty remarks of Mr. Raza are really idleness to descend upon the class. His witty remarks are really pleasing and delightful.

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Ideal Teacher

Multi-Character Personality.   

          Mr. Raza is a good sportsman and an acknowledged athlete apart from a good teacher. He is much interested in sports and games of school. The wise man always educates his students to concentrate on study and play during its right time. He supervise athlete team of our school. He has full command and control over the team. Mr. Raza gives strict training to his team. He gives personal example to athletes during training. Mr. Raza is a good speaker and keeps the audience spellbound by his powerful discussions and expressions. He has full control over various subjects. However, he has full control over English literature. His study of English literature is very deep and vast.

Hard Working and Caring Nature.   

             Mr. Raza is an industrious and hardworking in his field. He takes keen interest while teaching the students. He is one of the most stylish teacher of my school, who has clean habits. His lucid, plain and simple language, sound knowledge and good understanding of the subject make him one of the most admirable teacher of our institution. He is very kind and sympathetic towards the poor students and always helps them in term of books, note Ideal teacher1books and stationary etc. All the students and staff love him because of his true character and good deeds. Students also likIdeal teacher1es him because of his other qualities of head and heart.

          Speeches of Mr. Ali Raza on Independence Day, Labor Day, Republic Day and other historical movements are very unique. His wit and wisdom is a subject of discussion among the students and staff. I have found not only an ideal teacher but also a great philosopher, guide and friend in Mr. Raza. He is a role model and source of inspiration and motivation for us. Everyone try to become Mr. Raza. I like him very much.

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