General Description.

          A child who study in a school, college, university or any educational academy is called student. Some of them have natural ability and thirty for knowledge is known as ideal. Many students have sluggish attitude and not interested in acquiring knowledge. An ideal student has many distinguished qualities. He always looks towards his family and nation. This attitude differentiates ideal and normal students. We must teach the habits of ideal students to our children.

Qualities of Ideal Student.

ideal student
Ideal student

             An ideal student is attentive in learning and committed in fulfilling his work. He understands his duties and count himself as wealth and future of nation. The said student acquires skills which develop his personality.  He keeps himself ready for upcoming challenges and plays his role efficiently. An ideal student always looks forwards towards future and handles his work intelligently. He shares fruitful ideas with teachers and respects them. An ideal student also remains helpful and friendly with class-fellows.  No doubt, he becomes a model citizen, politician, doctor, engineer, policy maker and a bravo leader. He gives a new direction to his concerned field.

Health Structure

             An ideal student is cautious about his health. He carries out physical exercise on daily basis. The model student has sound / bright mind and healthy / smart body. He always takes part in academic as well as in extra-curriculum activities regularly.  An ideal student participates in sports / games and put his efforts to achieve the goals. He believes that sports is an essential part of education.

Good Habits

              Good habit is one of the important factor for perfect personality. An ideal student has good habits and does the right things at the right time. He remains punctual in study as well as religious obligations. A model student does everything with concentration and devotion. He speaks and likes the truth. An ideal student goes to school, college, university and other academy in due course of time.  He attends the classes regularly and reads his lessons carefully.


           Discipline is one of the important factor for success in life which makes the man perfect. An ideal student enjoys good discipline. He remains obedient to his teachers, parents and elders. A model student has the courage to admit his ignorance. He never fell fear and asks teacher boldly for advice.  An ideal student obeys rules and abides by regulations of his educational institution.  He is disciplined in his everyday activities of life and avoids bad company.

Extra-curriculum Activities

             An ideideal1al student does not remain bound to syllabus.  He takes keen interest in games and actively take part in sport events. A model student keep him conversant with the value and advantages of sports.  He does not run after cuts and fashion but follows nation and international sports heroes. A model student has strong moral character with humble, modest and polite attitude. He remains patient in all circumstances. A model student takes part in debates and speeches competitions along with sports tournaments. He wins various competitions with dedication and brings credit / good name to his school / college.

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