General Description of Hawker.   

A street hawker is a very simple and common personality everywhere in Pakistan. He enjoys mental freedom along with his profession. He shouts loudly in the market, colonies and streets to draw the attention of customer. He is just like any other shopkeeper who sell their articles. The only difference between the two is that a street hawker does not own permanent shop from where he may sell his goods. He has a four-wheeler kart or a small barrow which carries his goods for sale. He has to either set up his shop on a cart or on the payment. Some hawkers manage to find a permanent place to set up shop, others have to move from one place to another.

Familiar figure.   

Street hawkers are very familiar among the people. Everyone knows them because they hahawkerve their own trade mark and own style of shouting. Hawkers earn their daily bread and butter by selling their goods on the market price. Sometime items lose the price down, but they remains cheerful with hopes. They never hesitate to stand or shout in streets. When he feels tired he enjoys snuff or ‘a PAAN’ or a cup of tea etc. Indeed, the life of a street hawker is very tough and hard. He keeps his troubles aside during duty hours.

Various Type of Hawkers

The Street hawkers sell all sorts of things, from fruits and vegetables to clothes, plastic goods, peanuts, ice cream and condiments etc. Each hawker have different calling style to announce his arrival and his wares.  A street hawker has to work very hard for his livelihood, carrying goods from one place to another.

Good at Business.  

Hawkers do not prefer to stand at one place in the market or everywhere. The small street hawkers invest a small capital for their business. They are very good at business dealing with everyone. They can read the face and mind of the customer and deal them accordingly. They display their things in an attractive way. They praise the group and qualities their articles loudly. They use very impressive words for their articles and attract the consumer / customer buy his article. That’s their magic skills. They enjoys the present and never worries about the future.


Cheaper from Market.   

A street hawker is not paying any type of rent or tax for his kart. He doesn’t have to spend much on maintenance of his kart, so he affords to sell his goods at a cheaper rate than the shopkeepers of market. Occasionally the buyer may jump into a bargain for it.

Advantage for Customers.  

Street hawkers provides goods to the customers at their doorsteps. For example, the vegetable seller carries fruits and other eatable along with vegetables on a cart from one colony to other colony or village. In this way, a spices seller hawker carries all types of spices and condiments. This practice saves the precious time and efforts of a customer as well as trouble of going to the market from village every day.

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