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Fire is the most destructive thing in the world. It creates huge destruction in a movement. Its destruction could be minimized by adopting proper protective/ precautionary measures. Strict care is the only the way to counter it and save the precious assets from it. There are many factors which causes the fire, however, short-circuit and gas leakage are the main factors of it in the houses. Once I was returning from the school, I saw a house on fire on the way. When I saw the fearless flames, I feel fear for a while. I rushed towards the burning house. When I reached there, I saw many people gathered outside the house. Some of them were pouring buckets of water on the fire while the others were throwing sand and dust. It was a horrible scene for me.

fireScene of Fire.   

            It was a double-storied house. Some of the inmates of the house were residing in the rooms on the first floor. They were crying because they were surrounded by the flames.  The flames were spreading very quickly around the house. Some of the inmates came out of the house with burns and injuries. Those who were on the top of the floor could not get out. They were shouting for help. I immediately called the fire brigade Center for quick relief to the affected house. Theyassured me quick response.

Activities of Fire Brigade

               In the meanwhile, the fire brigade arrived on the spot. The neighbors had also tried their best to extinguish it but they could not controlled completely. The staff of the fire brigade was well-trained and fought bravely with the fierce flames. The officials of fire brigade made tremendous efforts to control it. They laid water pipes and start firefighting. One of the officials set a staircase to the windows of the upper story of building. He took a great risk and brought the people down through the stairs within the flames. He showed bravery, sacrifice and professionalism. The inmates whom he had rescued had serve burn injuries on their bodies. They brought to the nearest hospital in serious condition immediately for necessary medical treatment.

Post Destruction Scenario

             The fire badly damaged the house, clothes, furniture and all other valuable articles. The said team fought bravely and brought it under control within one hour. When the flames controlled, the house found badly damaged. All the wooden materials of house reduced to ashes. It was started from the kitchen which presenting a miserable picture. The dining rofire1om, the drawing-room and the store also badly damaged.

Compensation by Government

           Thank Allah Al Mighty that there was no loss of human life. The members of municipal committee also reached on the spot and hold a short inquiry. They concluded that short-circuit in the kitchen was cause of the fire. They also involved the WAPDA officials in the case. The sufferers were given compensation by the municipal authorities later on. Although compassion was not enough however, the damage brought to least.

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