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                 Train is one of the lavish, interesting and danger free journey. It makes us happy and charming. In last winter season, I happened to attend the marriage ceremony of one of my friends, who is living in Lahore. I went to railway reservation office and got seats reserved for all of my family in the first class compartment from Peshawar to Lahore in a Super Express train. On the day of journey, we got up early in the morning and got a rickshaw. It took almost an hour to reach Peshawar City Railway Station.

Preparation in Winter

JOURNEY BY TRAIN IN WINTER          Similarly, we got into the train and found our seats beside the windows and the train started to move slowly within few minutes. When the train crossed the platform, it began to attain fast speed. Soon, it ran very fast and reached Attock city after one and half hour. For some time, we read and enjoy novels, magazines and newspaper which were taken along during train journey but soon our minds felt bored due to reading. We gazed outside and a peep through the window of the train lent us charming sight. All of us saw lush green fields, trees groves, forests from the window of the running train. We also saw farmers were working in the fields with their bulls.

            After some the train reached Rawalpindi Station and had our dinner here at the dining-stall on the railway platform. There was a lot of rush which increased on arrival of new passengers. The hawkers and vendors, how were selling the foodstuffs and beverages become happy on arrival of passengers. The guard of railway train blew whistle and waved his green flag and the train started to move slowly. We got into our compartment and the train left the station slowly.

Meet with Foreigner Couple

           A foreigner couple boarded in our compartment at Rawalpindi Station. They were very polite in behavior and dealing. I inquired from them about their country. They replied at once and told that they belong to Norway and began to narrate facts about Norwegians. They also compared the same with the facts and information about Pakistan. His wife spoke highly Pakistani womanhood. She praised the beauty and behaviour of Pakistani women. She also praised the culture, civilization, historical and religious places of Pakistan. They were deeply impressed by Pakistani people and culture. They liked and appreciated both our folklores and festivals of Pakistan. I chatted with them and learned about culture and history of Norway.

Travel at Night 

rly journey

           It was night and was darkness outside. The chilling wind began to blow. My train was moving fast towards destination. The next station was Gujranwala where my train halted. The engine of train also changed and steamed off here at Gujranwala railway station. The wind become more sharpen and penetrating through the window panes inside. My train reached Lahore early morning where I met my friend who had come to receive us. It was my pleasant journey by train in winter season which added a lot of experiences and knowledge to my life.

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