General Description of Eid

          Every nation has festivals and way of celebration. In this way, Muslims have also numerous festivals. Eid is one of these festivals. Allah has blessed Muslims with two Eids in a year. The first Eid ul Fitar which comes after Ramadan. Ramadan is the most holy month of Islamic year. All Muslims remains in fasting in this month during day time. Fasting has great importance in Islam. Ramadan is one of the basic member factor of Islam. We celebrate these occasions in order to say thanks to Almighty Allah. The second is Eid ul Adha, which also called Baqara Eid. It is also called sunat-e-Ibrahimi in Islamic terminology. This holy event gives us lesion of sacrifice. It comes in the month of Zel Hajj. We sacrifice animals in this Eid.


             Eid is a happy time. It brings delight to all Muslims of the world. The Muslims make a lot of preparations for it. All the people prepare new clothes and shoes for this day. One day before Eid, people decorate their houses with bunting and balloons and give their home a new look. The people also make tour / visit programmes to some historical places / parks and relatives.

Activities on Eid Day

              Early in the morning everyone starts getting ready. Especially the children seem very happy. Their faces gleam with innocent, pleasure when they wear shining new clothes. After wearing of new clothes and shoes, the men and children join Eid prayers. The people meet with each other and exchange good wishes / ‘Mubarak’ after prayers. After meeting with neighbours and friends, they return home to enjoy themselves with sweet noodles (Saviyyan) and many other delicious things. People go to the houses of each other / relatives to wish them ‘Eid Mubarak’.


         The other important event of Eid is conducting of local fair festivals. Local artists arEid preparatione conducting fairs in coordination with local administration at prominent places of villages / town. The people along with their children are visiting these fairs in the evening. There is a lot of fun and amusement everywhere. Streets, parks and gardens are full of people and children. In the modern era, some people enjoy special cinema shows, some indulge in fire-works. Some people entertain friends and relatives at their houses. When the night comes all say good-bye to Eid and go to bed with happy memories of a glories it.


           Duration of this holy event is generally three consecutive days. We enjoy the first day of Eid ul Fitar very much because it comes after a long time. However, the second day of Eid ul Adha is more joyful because its first day goes in slaughtering and distribution of animals.

Eid ul Adha


            Eid is a gift of Almighty Allah for all Muslims, therefore, it must be celebrate in a befitting manner. However, simplicity may also be kept in mind. We must also remember the poor and needy people on this auspicious day because it gives us the lesion of sacrifice.

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