General Description

             20th century is the era of modern technology in which computer is the greatest invention and gift of scientists.  It is a wonderful gift for whole human beings. It has the capability to store large no of data in its memory. The inventor of first computer was Charles Babbage who invented a mechanical computer. It is a high leap forward in the field of science which also called electronic brain. Computer is a useful electronic device which can compute and interpret information very quickly. It has very friendly use which can use / handle everybody easily and learn it in less time. It can do any type of work.

Use of Computer

            Now-a-days, computers are using in almost every field like weather forecasting, entertainment, business, bankincomputerg, marketing, hoteling, planning, designing, education, publishing, military establishments, industries, shops etc. Engineers are using it for making films and cartoons. People are using portable computers during the travel. It is made up of tiny electronic circuits. This machine is a combination of following hardware tools:-

  • CPU
  • Monitor like TV screen which we can see
  • Keyboard which acts like a typewriter
  • Mouse
  • Speekers etc


              It is the combination of hardware and software which works successfully in all fields of life. Keyboard, mouse, printer, CPU and UPS are the other accessories of computer which called hardware. The data which we put in it by using its devices is called input data and the device is called input device. The data, we take outside by using printer or other device is called output data and the device is called output device. It is very safe tool for data storage in each and every field of life.


           There are various type of software and programmes for our use. According to functions, the computer processes the information. The software of games, general knowledge and graphics are very popular among children. We use internet on it and get lots of information on any subject in very less time and efforts. There are great contributions of it in the lives of human being. It plays a big role in every field and helps us. We can get any information about any service, product or other thing within no time. We can buy anything online by using computer and internet. It is very useful for students and teachers because they can prepare all type of project works.



            Computer has become an integral part of life. Over a period of time, computers have evolved with the Artificial Intelligence technology. Computer manufacturing companies are producing lighter, smaller and speedier computer at every generations of the computers. It has been a dominating factor since the 1970`s and today it has conquered almost all walks of life. It would be impossible to perform many jobs without computer. That means without the knowledge of computers, life would be incomplete. All professional schools, colleges and universities are using computers in their institutions.  I find it very exciting and interesting. It is indeed a wonder of modern science and world.


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