Introduction of Culture and Civilization

Human life has two main dimensions/ aspects. The first one is spiritual aspect or dimension and the second one is materialistic dimension or aspect. These two aspects make a perfect human personality. Both aspects are compulsory for the growth of human personality. No one can achieve a complete human personality without these two aspects. Various people have worked for the development of these two aspects, but could not development. Only Islam has defined it in a good way and gave a complete identity to culture and civilization.

culture and civilization


Complete Picture

After carrying out a comprehensive study, it has been revealed that every society has tried to give a complete definition to culture and civilization but in vain. If we look around, we will find only one religion in the universe, which has provided a complete status to it. It is known as Islamic culture and civilization.

Meaning of Civilization

The word civilization means the best stage of a human society is called civilization. I also means:-

  • Editing, correction or improvement of something.
  • To keep or decorate things in a good way.
  • To decorate a room or to give a well-decorated look to a room.culture and civilization
  • To keep the things in order and decorated.
  • To cut the branches of a tree in a well-dressed way.
  • To give a comprehensive guideline for writing of an article.
  • To improve things in a better way.

Vastness in Meaning

 The meaning of word “civilization” is too wide. It is generally used for lifestyle or living standard. However, in civil terms, it means “a theory”, “an idea” or “ideology” of a nation for lifestyle. Every nation has certain and unique lifestyle, which distinct them from other nations. These unique lifestyle of every nation is called civilization. In the other words, we can say, “the aggregated and accumulated result of theories and ideologies is called civilization”.

Meaning of Culture

Although, the word “culture” literally means to decorate or keep something in order. Therefore, it may always be used for good things only. Whereas, the word “civilization” be used both for good and bad happenings in a society because of its vast dimensions. We may say, all the happenings in a society according to Islamic teachings/ procedures are called good civilization. On the other hand, all the things which are not in accordance with Islamic teachings are bad or evil civilization.

culture and civilization


The word “culture” means the way of life or the common customs of life or to live in a society. It also means:-

  • To live people in a city or society.
  • To follow the rules and regulation of a city or society.
  • To live in a civilized way in a city or in a society.
  • To settle down himself in a city or build or join a city.
  • To live together with each other in a society.

Terminological Meaning

The terminological meaning of “civilization” is to work mutually with each other. It also means to satisfy the rights of each other or to give privilege to each other. In short, an attractive circulation of life and its production means civilization. We may say that everything and every movement of life is included in the word “civilizations”. On the other hand, we may say that all those single or aggregated things, which we need, are the examples of civilization. For example, a smallest part of a machine or the heaviest machinery in universe both are the examples of civilization. In short, all the things which are the need of human being makes a civilization.

The human being makes rules and regulation for satisfaction his need. They makes schools, colleges and universities for their better future. The human takes precautionary measures for security as well as makes struggle to solve the problems. All these steps and measures are included in the term of civilization.

Difference between Culture and Civilization.

Culture and civilizations both are necessary factors for each other. Because, all ideologies or theories of life belong to culture phenomenon whereas, all actionable things belong to civilization phenomenon. Similarly, the individuals of every society are living together, sitting together and celebrate different events and functions together. They also participating in good and bad events of each other. Even, they teach each other and govern over each other in accordance with the ideologies in a particular society. They try to make their civilization distinguished from other societies. In this process, all who adopt a right and true ideology, their culture remain special from others nations.

culture and civilization

Relation between Culture and Civilization

The example of relation between culture and civilization is approximately same as of the relation between the branches of a tree and its roots. For example, civilization is like the roots of a tree whereas culture is like its branches. Although, the branches of a tree have different size and different directions from roots. However, its colour and type have some similarity being grown from a single root. In this way, this example also covers the cultural similarity of human beings. We have noticed that a slight difference remains amongst the thoughts and ideologies of inhabitants of a country, where the people gather from different cities.

culture and civilization

Difference between Culture and Civilization in Islam

The difference between culture and civilization can be explained with the example of the people of Iran, Rome and Egypt, who developed themselves materialistically before appearance of Islam. This materialistic development is called culture. On the other hand, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has developed spiritual standard of the Arabs through his teachings and bring mental revolution amongst them. This spiritual development is called Islamic civilization. Despite of the clear difference between both, the people sometime refers the word “culture” to “civilization” and vice versa. There is a clear difference between these two terms but sometime the people ignore it for their own interest.


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