Introduction of Baba Tahir Oryan

            Baba Tahir Oryan hails from Hamdan (presently a place in Iran). He was a Sufi Dervish (gymnosophist) and spent his life in mockery.  Only three words introduce his personality in the history i.e. “Baba”, “Tahir” and Oryan. The first word Baba means an aged person, the second word is “Tahir”, which is his real name and the third and last word is “Oryan”, which indicates that he was a gymnosophist dervish or it was his surname. The word “Oryan” also indicates his outspokenness, confidence, simplicity and dauntlessness. According to some historian, Baba Tahir was straightforward and gentleman. Tahir Oryan has a sensitive nature, which reflects from his poetry. Western thinkers have also explained the personality of Baba Oryan in their words.

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Baba Tahir
Baba Tahir

Fearless and Confident

Professor Brown has commented on book “Rahat ul Sadoor” and said, when Sultan Tifral Baig came to Hamdan, three Dervish were living there. Their names were Baba Tahir Oryan, Baba Jafar and Sheikh Hamsa. These all three dervish were living together in Hamdan. Once, Sultan Tifral Baig along with his force visited towards the mountain of Hamdan, he saw these Dervish together there. Sultan Tifral came near them and pay Salam with regards. He warmly met with them and kissed their hands. Tahir Oryan asked the king, who you will treat with the people. Sultan Tifral replied, I will deal the people as you ordered. Baba Oryan told him, Oh Turkish King! Almighty Allah has blessed you with a large kingdom, therefore be kind to the people and keep justice among the people. Sultan Tifran replied, he will obey the order and will keep justice among the people.

            Baba Tahir Oryan had a broken handle of ewer at that time. He gave the broken handle of ewer to Sultan Tifral Baig and told to accept the gift from him. Sultan Tifran took the broken handle of ewer and became tearful /lachrymose. Oryan put the broken handle of ewer in his the finger and said, the kingdom came in your hands. He advised Sultan Tifral to keep justice among the people. Sultan Tifral promised that he will keep justice among the people. He kept the broken handle of ewer in his mascots and returned to his palace.

Sensitive Nature

            Baba Tahir has kind heart and sensitive nature. Although, he has no book of poetry or prose, however, there are several historic Robayat (Quatrains) available. These quatrains are very effective and sweet, which reflects the sensitive nature of Baba Oryan.

Point of View of Mr. Hiran Ellen

            Mrs. Ellen has translated the Royayat (Quatrains) of Baba Tahir and converted it into prose and titled it as “Khafan-e-Baba Tahir”. Moreover, Mrs. Elizabeth Krotes Brain Ton has also translated these quatrains in local language “Lari”, which is nearer to PAHLVI language. These quatrains are simple and sweet.

Phraseology and Style

            Baba Tahir Oryan has written the poetry in simple style. His views are simple and free of deepness. He has explained the pain and anxiety of common man in poetry. Oryan has explained his grief and sorrow in a good way. Good manners and good deeds is the main theme of his poetry.

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