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Introduction of Author

         I, Muhammad Ishaq am the CEO of www.persianpast.com. I have done my MA (Master of Arts in Persian) from University of Peshawar, KPK province of Pakistan. The author have served with various non-government and social work organizations as correspondent officer.

Description of Web Site

            The web site contains essays of 500 plus words in English. The essays have been composed in simple language for ease of college and school students. Moreover, the web site also contain essay on classical Persian poets and Islamic history in Urdu language which also included in the syllabus of M.A Persian of KPK province of Pakistan. One page of the site has been deputed for Persian History in English language.

           The site is totally free. If you have any question then left your comments on my web site, I will try to satisfy the queries. I am trying to produce good quality of essays for my readers in English and Urdu. Your cooperation will make it possible, therefore, give your feedback on regularly basis and also offer your valuable comments on each and every article about us. I will try my best to rectify all the queries.

Request of the Author

             It is a free of cost website and designed for the benefit of students. The author has permitted everyone to read and download its material according to their need and requirements. However, the publication of these material is strictly prohibited. Therefore, it is requested to avoid its publication on any print and electronic media or website. Moreover, suggestions are strongly appreciated but avoid any negative comments because it will harm my website and articles.

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