General Description

         The renowned English film “Jurassic Park” has described the presence of dinosaurs in this world which created a storm in the minds of every one in general and scientists in particular. This film forced the scientists to think about the early inhabitants of Earth planet and explore it. The film has also created a new discussion among everyone regarding the origin of Dinosaurs which leads towards the discovery of these interesting creatures. Dinosaurs were the forerunners of animal life on Earth. The first dinosaur fossils founded in the early 19th century. The same become a major attractions for people at museums around the world. Dinosaurs were primitively bipedal. Their probable ancestors were small bipedal Archosaurs. Dinosaur also became part of popular culture.

History of Dinosaur

          The great dinosaurs ruled on the earth nearly 150 million years ago. These animals were living on this world dinosaurin a devastating way who altered the course of life on this earth. It has been predicted that it happened so sudden, as geologic time goes, that almost all the dinosaurs living on earth disappeared. So the question arise in our mind that how did these dominant creatures just die off? Was it a slow extinction, or did it happen suddenly? These questions created different beliefs on how the dinosaur appeared and disappeared quickly.

Structure of Dinosaur

          Dinosaur literally means a terrible and dreadful lizard. The structure of Dinosaur also like a lizard except its size. Dinosaurs had hard, rough and scaly skins like lizards, however dinosaur is big in size and lizard is very small. They were cold-blooded reptiles. A major change in outlook came in the 1960s, when it was realized that small theropods were probably warm-blooded. In this way, the other question arise whether all theropods or even all dinosaurs warm-blooded. The said question has not yet decided. They laid eggs like lizards and had long legs. They lived in swamps, on land, mountains, rivers, forests and everywhere on the Earth.

Type of Dinosaurs

             There were hundreds type, size, shape and features of dinosaurs who were different from each other. Some of dinosaurs were imagine while some are very small. Their foods were also different from each other. They are divided into Ornithischians such as Protuberates and had hip bone like birds and Sacristans with hip bone like lizards like Diplodocus. Somewhere meat eaters and others ate plants. It means that some of them were carnivore and were consuming meat. Some of them were omnivores and were consuming plants.

          They did not live at the samdinosaurse time and same era. Some lived 200 million years ago, others 70 million years ago. Not all dinosaurs were giants. Some such as compsognathus were of the size of a chicken and Heterodonatesaurus was of the size of a large dog. Brontosaurus and Diplodocus were really huge in size. About 65 million years ago, long before man came into existence, dinosaurs and the flying and swimming reptiles died suddenly. The only records left are their fossils. The reason for their abrupt disappearance is still a mystery. The people are trying to know about the whereabouts of these animals but not yet got success.

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