Brief History and Biography of Persian Sufi Scholar and Poet Abu Saeed Al-Khair

Introduction of Abu Saeed Al-Khair.

          Abu Saeed Al-Khair was born in village Khawaran of Khorasan (presently at Iran) on 7 December 967 BC (year of grace). His complete name is Sheikh Abu Saeed Fazal Ullah Bin Abu Al-Khair. He belongs to a religious family of Khawaran, Khorasan. Muhammad Bin Munawar was one of his talented nephew, who wrote a book “Israr al Tauheed” on his complete life and character. Abu Saeed was a great religious scholar, mystic and Sufi poet. His adages and sayings are very popular among the people. He explained his views aphoristically for easy understanding of people.

Abu Saeed Al-Khair

Basic and Higher Education.

          Abu Saeed Al-Khair was very intelligent from his childhood. He took his basic religious education from his native village Khawaran. Unfortunately, there was no institution of higher education in Khawaran. Therefore, he went to Maro city for higher religious education. He met with religious scholar Abdullah Al-Hesri in Maro city and became his student. Abdullah Al-Hesri was the famous and competent religious scholar of those days. He was also a mystic leader and Sufi scholar. Abu Saeed started learning of Fiqah from Abdullah Al-Hesri. He got complete knowledge of Fiqah from him. Al-Khair also studied and learnt many subjects there from other Sheikh and religious scholars. He completed his higher religious education in Mora and returned to Khawaran.

Religious Obligations.

          Abu Saeed Al-Khair was a famous mystic and Sufi leader, who followed Sufism and mysticism in his entire life. He preached the people for spiritual development. Al-Khair worked hard for spiritual development of the people in his entire life. He was very soft spoken individual and have good knowledge of religious debates and speeches. Abu Saeed was also a good adviser and monitor.

         Muhammad Bin Munawar was the nephew of Abu Saeed Al-Khair. He wrote a comprehensive book “Israr-e-Tauheed Fel Maqamat-e-Sheikh Abi Saeed” on the role and character of Abu Saeed. Muhammad Bin Munawar included the sayings and adages of Abu Saeed in this. He also described the struggle of Abu Saeed for peace and harmony in his book. It is a unique and complete book on the history of Abu Al-Khair. Some of his famous adages are stated in the succeeding paragraphs:-

a)       Abu Saeed says about the Tauheed (oneness of God) “There is not hurdle between Allah and human”. He further says “earth and sky are not a hurdles / barriers but human body itself is a hurdle. If human remove these hurdles then he will directly meet with Almighty Allah”.

b)        Someone asked Abu Al-Khair about the truth and its existence in the world? Al-Khair replied “clean your heart from all type of wishes and expend everything which you have”. Then bear all the problems without making any complain to Almighty Allah.

Role Model

          Sheikh Abu Saeed Al-Khair was a role model for everyone in Sufism. His character was very high and strong. When the rich people gave money to him, he expend it on poor people. He never hold the money with him nor bother the people for it. Al-Khair believed in one God (Almighty Allah).

          Once, some differences and bad feelings developed between Abu Saeed Al-Khair and Abu Al Qasim Qaseeri (a famous Sufi). Qaseeri showed his anger on Abu Saeed. When the news of anger reached to Abu Saeed Al-Khair, he forgave him. Subsequently, anger converted into love and both the Sufi became happy with each other.

Meet of Abu Saeed Al-Khair with Abu Ali Sienna.

          Once, the famous scientist and scholar Abu Ali Sienna met with Abdu Saeed. Their meeting prolonged to three days. They discussed a lot of views and reviews with each other in this meeting. After the meeting, students asked Abu Ali Sienna about the meeting and attitude of Abu Saeed. Abu Ali Sienna replied that Abu Saeed has a foresighted personality and well aware of all his experiments. He further said, Al-Khair is a happy man and meets everyone with dignity. Similarly, the followers and students of Abu Saeed also asked him about Abu Ali Sienna. Abu Saeed replied that Abu Ali Sienna has experienced all those which he knows.

Example of Grace.

          Once, Abu Saeed Al-Khair along with his followers and students visited a festival, where the people were drinking. The followers and students intended to forbid them from drinking. Al-Khair forbade his students and followers and pray for them. He addressed the people and said that Almighty Allah blessed you all in the heaven also like this world. This few benedictory words of Al-Khair impressed them and changed their lives. They left the drink and music for ever.  This was an example of his grace and gentle nature.


Abu Saeed Al-Khair

         When his last time came, the followers gathered around him for well-being. In the meanwhile, a religious person sought permission for reciting of his favorite verses of Quran. Abu Saeed Al-Khair praised Almighty Allah and said some odes of poetry. He died on 12 January 1049 BC and buried in Khorasan (presently at Iran).

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