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             Bus is a cheap transport service in our country and available in each and every city. It offers cheap transport as well as leads to economy of time and energy. Bus connects various parts and destinations of the city and surroundings. It is sad to say that bus service in Peshawar is gaining notoriety. This service has proved to be complete failure while coping with public demands. People are usually on the opinion that bus service in Peshawar is the worst both in term of condition and service.

Less Facility

             Population of Peshawar city is expanding rapidly. It is a hub of business and administration of whole province. Peshawar has also more opportunities of government services. The people come to Peshawar to attend offices and other small business activities from distant places. They often have to change more than two buses in route. Most of the people take more than two hours to reach to offices/ place of work in a bus. Wait for these buses is more boring/ tiring than its journey.  I have also experienced the wait for a bus at a stop. It was the month of June, the sun was shining and the earth was burning like a furnace. The people have covered their hands and heads with handkerchiefs and some were wiping their perspiration with tissue papers/ handkerchiefs. Some people were complaining against the government and system in vogue.

Waiting for Bus

bus                There was a long queue waiting for bus at Ring Road stop. I was also one of them and observing all these. I adjusted myself in the queue. Some of the passengers were busy chatting, smoking or gossiping in order to kill the time. Women were knitting whereas young boys were cracking jokes with one another. Some gentlemen were busy going through the newspapers and novels while some were using internet on their cellular phones.

Overcrowded Bus

                The eyes of the passengers were fixed in the direction of bus on account of their long waiting. They lose their charms every minute. Meanwhile, a bus came but not more than six passengers could get in. It was very hot. The passengers were perspiring and the foul smell defeats the purpose of costly scents. Their legs refused to support their huge mass but the sense of decorum does not allow them to set on flour.

                  It is concluded that waiting for a bus is really a grave problem in Peshawar. It is quite painful for all the passengers. No doubt, the authorities are taking steps to lessen the woes of the passengers/ travelers but no tangible results have come out so far.


               Waiting for a bus means wasting of time and energy which could be put to better use. However, its service is affordable for each and every one. So, the people responsible for intra-state transport are required to put their intentions towards the public transport and improve its efficiency/ punctuality like metro bus service which is in vogue in some bit cities of the country. If this service improved then all citizens will travel equally and traffic accidents will also be minimized.

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