An open exhibition was held in one of the prominent city of Pakistan recently. It was remarkable in its own way. I am very fond of visiting exhibitions and other learning functions. There are various types of exhibitions. But the exhibition, which I saw a few months ago at Al-Hamra Hall, was the most impressive, represented and well organized. They displayed various articles in this exhibition in a good way. It was an exhibition of books, paintings, graphics, clay models and was organized by the provincial education department. All the provincial leaders and their staff took keen interest in this show. Displayed articles have completely filled all the halls of Al-Hamra Center. Local artisans have made these articles. A good flat form was provided to these artists to improve their skills and reach their articles to national and international markets.

Layout of Exhibition

                I saw a huge statue made up of clay when I entered the main gate. This was a very grand statue. It was really a piece of art for me. After getting a deep look on clay art gallery, I entered into one of the halls where books werexhibition1e displayed. There were books on almost all subjects. The organizers displayed books on science, technology and engineering in one of the corners. They also displayed books on subjects like history, sociology, political science, economics, computer and literature in an other corner. Huge volumes of books placed on almost all the branches of sciences and humanities in the said exhibition. The works of Shakespeare attracted much large crowds. The books enclave was satisfying the reading taste of every one.

Clay Models

                  They displayed clay models in the adjacent hall which remained a center of attraction for visitors. The clay models included pitches, kettles, glasses, dishes, saucers as well as figures of men and women. These clay models looked very beautiful and organic. These toys were very attractive for women and children. The children really delighted to see these toys of clay. All visitors appreciated these articles.

Learning Opportunity

            This exhibition was very learning which increased my knowledge. EXHIBITIONI really impressed to see the various exhibits. The duration of exhibition was quite satisfactory. It continued for fifteen days. It attracted thousands of visitors and conversant them with various books and clay models/ toys. They organized the exhibition on an international scale. Many countries like the USA, Russia, England, Germany, France, Japan and Sri Lanka etc participated in the said event.


          The participants displayed their best abilities in the field of sciences and humanities. Some of the top artists and painters also participated in exhibition on that days. They explained their work and articles to the visitors. It was a successful event in every way. This exhibition has left an everlasting impression on my mind. It was an enriching experience. We returned to our home at the evening.


           Government organizes such type of exhibition at districts and town level for development of home made and local organic articles.

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