General Description of Hobby

               Everyone are doing some work to earn livelihood and make the future career bright. Hobbies make the living things and fields of life joyful and interested for everyone. Hobby is a thing which we like to put ourselves in the activities during our free time and we want to do with pleasure. It plays a vital role in perusing our works because it is a great lead towards the practical life. Hobby also increases our efficiency, interest and ability. It gives us an opportunity to develop various aspects of our personality. It is a pastime and a form of relaxation. Life without a hobby is meaningless. We may say that life without a hobby is like food without salt.  .  hobby

Type of Hobbies Available.

There are multiple hobbies like drawing, painting, listening of music, gardening, stamp collecting, photography, reading, sewing, playing and indoor or outdoor sport, crafts, embroidery, coin collecting, writing, reading, bird watching, collecting antiques, pet care cooking and knitting etc. These hobbies are very educative. We learn many things with practical insights which we cannot learn from books. There are a variety of fields which can be adopted as hobby.


My Hobby

               There are a number of hobbies available but my favourite hobby is gardening. Gardening gives me immense pleasure as well as fitness of my health. I like the joy of beholding a blooming garden, a green lawn and greener plants at home. I sow the seed in various seasons and enjoying its growing. When I see seeds sown by me growing into beautiful plants and blossoming flowers, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and joy. I enjoy tending to my plants and watering my garden every day. It gives me utmost satisfaction, pleasure and keep me energetic, active and busy. The greenery of plants and sweet fragrance of flowers is like a tonic for eyes and mins. In a world full of tension and pollution, it is great relief to see beautiful flowers and lovely plants. Therefore, it has become my hobby now.

Ancestral Habit

            I got this habit of nurturing plants from my parents. Now, I have managed to keep up a small garden in front of our porch with the help of my mother. It has a green carpet of velvet grass and a small trimmed border growing around it. I am digging and watering the plants and flowers daily on return from school. We also regularly add the medicines for protection and better production from my garden. We clean the garden twice a week. However, we clean the garden from dry leaves on daily basis during autumn.

Idea for Growing Vegetables

           I am thinking to grow vegetables also in one corner of my home garden. If I succeed, then we would not have to buy vegetables from market and we can even distribute it among our friends and neighbors. It is not so expensive and increases the beauty of my home. Gardening is a good hobby. I really enjoy it. I really enjoy gardening.

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